What is EZosophy?


EZosophy (pronounced easy - osophy) is a simple philosophy that radically changes lives.

Our minds frequently operate counter to our best interests. That aspect of mind is called the ego. Egos hound us even when we have achieved extensive accomplishments. The ego offers little rest before driving us on to the next thing. The ego mind demands more stuff, more spiritual discipline, more recognition and/or more enlightenment. The mind is a machine that grinds reality into a “hard attack.” Ego is never satisfied; it constantly drives for more, better and different. This undertaking requires that we become “more machines” (momagenes) and “go machines” (gomagenes). When more is necessary, we have to get going. When more is desired (but not necessary), we can move forward with ease.

EZosophy as a philosophy examines the suffering that glues together western culture. Unfortunately, the operating system that holds ego driven struggle in place is like Elmer's glue; glue is clear when it dries, so you don't even know it's there. EZosophy offers a new way of life for everyone who has suffered about:

  • Taking groceries out of the car
  • Weeding the garden
  • Paying utility bills - or any bill
  • Traffic
  • Pumping gas
  • Work of any kind
  • Packing to go on vacation
  • Repair problems
  • Purchasing major appliances
  • Money
  • Driving in rain, sunshine or snow
  • Waiting in lines
  • Maintaining life

EZosophy confronts the subtle and obvious ego attempts to keep our lives close to falling over the edge of well-being into dis-ease of life. We hover near what we want, never really crossing over to the Promised Land. Ego Driven Struggle, suffering, strain, stress and sacrifice (EDS) often becomes our way of life. We know that positive thoughts create positive results and negative thoughts create negative results; but we have not yet embraced the idea that easy thoughts create easy results.

EZosophy steers us away from ego into the ease of life. Ease is a non-efforting approach to living. Ease is not indolence or laziness. Ease removes the struggle; ease associates with living in the flow of life. Until we assimilate the ease of our being, we create struggle in all areas of our lives.

The workplace and relationships offer fertile soil for ego driven struggle (EDS). We remain at the mercy of the inner struggle and suffering unless we uproot the underlying beliefs and motivations that interfere with easy living. The belief that "Life is Hard" is a cultural belief system that keeps us mired in drama and difficulty. It is true that life is hard some of the time, but life is not hard all the time. The ego would have us believe the contrary. The ego believes in unilateral suffering. The ego believes that:

  • Life itself is a disaster and we are doomed to eke out a living while struggling to solve our problems.
  • Problems never cease.
  • Playtime never comes.
  • Recess is always over.

When the ego sets in, we forget who we are and abandon our dreams and visions. Unknowingly, we see them as too hard to achieve. EZosophy is the antidote for suffering and struggle. There is a way out - the way does not involve running from pain or difficulty; rather the way is through the depths of our souls to the ease and harmony of life. We learn to live in flow. There's no business like flow business.

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