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Network marketing is really personal growth, disguised as a business. One of my mentors said that for anyone to know who she or he is, s/he has to be in sales, at least for a part of life. Sales is a part of the curriculum for self-mastery. Another teacher, with the same philosophy, travels the world. When she lands in a new town, her students hit the street, armed with flyers, promoting their seminars. This is a testimony to the ultimate cold call training.

Network marketing brings out our negative egos and our brilliance. Our brilliance needs nurturing, while our egos need to be acknowledged and confronted. I have been involved in the field of human dynamics for more than 20 years, helping people learn to work with themselves and others.

One of the ways that I want to share my expertise with your group is through your conference calls. I have several topics that you and your group might find helpful in the development of your personal growth and your network marketing business growth.

The topics include:

Easy Money - Our relationship with money deeply influences our lives. We live in a culture that equates hard work and suffering with money. Suppose there was a different perspective on money that could help you have an easier life while you grow your business? Many network marketers say, "Work hard for a year, and then relax." I say, if you work hard for a year, you will probably need not only a rest; you will need to spend a lot of time repairing your relationships, healing the stress-related diseases brought on by hard work, and a sabbatical to remember who you are. There is another way to relate to money, grow a business, and have an easier life.

Maintaining Healthy Relationships within my Organization - The biggest problems we face in business do not deal with how much we can get done or how to solve technical problems. The problem most reported in workplaces is handling the relationships between people. What makes some work relationships so difficult? Unknowingly, we tend to recreate our family-of-origin issues in the workplace. Our sponsor resembles our mother or father. Our downlines are frequently like our brothers and/or sisters. Most people are unaware of these dynamics that repeat themselves in our businesses.

When we first start or join a business opportunity, we begin our honeymoon phase. This phase quickly disappears, as our family-of-origin issues come out. We may find ourselves saying, "This is just like the last business. I didn't see it coming. How can I be in the same place I was before?" We can change the players in our lives, but until we change the inner motivating belief systems, we continue to live down to our worst expectations.

Learn to find how we are living our family patterns in our businesses. Potential subjects to be covered include:

  • Who am I? - Defining my purpose. It's hard to be good in relationships if we don't have a solid self-base. 
  • What can I do to make a difference? Do I want to make a difference? 
  • Am I only in this for the money? 
  • How can I call someone on the carpet while still giving him or her support? 
  • How to foster co-operation. 
  • Setting internal and external boundaries. 
  • What is my relationship with my work? - Compartmentalization. 
  • How to deal with talkaholics. 
  • How to deal with negative people. 
  • How to deal with people who criticize me. 

Giving up Struggle and Suffering in my Network Marketing Business - "Life is hard" is the cultural belief. Most people have this belief without even realizing it. The idea that you have to live in the real world and eke out a living drives the fun and joy out of some of our most exciting moments in life. Until this basic assumption is confronted and you are willing to live an easy or at least an easier life, network marketing will always be hard. Learn how to re-decide, let go of ego-driven drama, and have an easier and happier business life.

Developing Your Intuition in Your Business - The brain and the mind are different things. Conditioning, beliefs, time, and space limit our brains. The mind is unlimited, beyond time and space, and infinitely wise. Why rely on the limited capacity of the brain when the unlimited possibility of infinite intelligence can assist you? Learn ways to tap into the flow of information and ideas that assist you in growing those hunches into successful business decisions.

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