How to Order Online Using PayPal

To Order Online using PayPal, you must already have Free PayPal account or create one during the ordering process. If you need to create an account, you’ll be guided to do that once you’ve finished ordering and begin to checkout.

You will need a valid credit card to purchase this way. Your transaction will be conducted using a secure connection.

It’s easy to order online. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click a PayPal order button for the product you want.
  2. A new browser window will open showing the PayPal shopping cart.
  3. If you want to order another product, click the “Continue Shopping”button and you will return to this page, where you can click the PayPal button for the next product you want. That will take you back to the Shopping Cart window. You may have to click on that window from among your open browser windows.
  4. NOTE: If you decide to cancel your order while you’re in the PayPal Shopping Cart window, click the check mark beside each product showing, and then click the “Update” key, and that will zero out your Shopping Cart. You can then close that window without further interaction with PayPal.
  5. When you’re finished shopping, click the “Checkout” button in the PayPal window.
  6. NOTE: If you don’t already have a Free PayPal account, you can create one at this time. Click the “Sign Up”button when your invoice is displayed.
  7. If you already have a PayPal account, enter your PayPal email address and password when your invoice is displayed, and then click the “Continue” button.
  8. Either way, you’ll be guided through the remaining steps.
  9. When you’ve completed your order, you’ll be shown our Thank You page.
  10. NOTE: The prices shown on PayPal DO NOT include the shipping. Shipping will be added at the end, based on the amount of your order.
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