John Randolph Price* gave me the idea to do a 40 day prosperity program. You can find his program online and I highly recommend it. I spent well over forty days (probably six months and have repeated it though the years) meditating on his ideas and thoughts.  Years later, I wrote some new thoughts to ponder.

Here’s my version:

Contemplate and meditate each idea 15 minutes daily. Feel how it feels to be the embodiment of these ideas. It’s easiest if you start on the first day of the month but if you started on the 5th of the month go to affirmation five. Affirmation one is for the 1st 11th, 21st and 31st days of the month. Affirmation two is for the 2nd, 12th, and 22nd of the month and so forth. Continue the program for 40 days or more if you like.

Day One
Today is my abundant day. I invoke the presence of abundance in my mind, heart and life. Repeat “I am abundance. I am abundant.” 200 times out loud.  Days 1,11,21,31

Day Two
I am richly showered with infinite blessings. GUS (God/Universe/Spirit) is the source of my supply and I live on an unlimited income. No situation or person can come between me and my good. Repeat out loud 200 times “GUS (use your own word here) is my supply.” Days 2,12,22,32

Day Three
Deep within runs a river of success. That river flows into my daily affairs and I am blessed beyond my wildest expectations!  Repeat out loud 200 times “The divine river flows through me, I am successful.” Days 3,13,23,33

Day Four
I expect and receive miracles today. The universe supplies me with all the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions necessary to receive my harvest of plenty.  Repeat out loud 200 times “I make a conscious decision to receive my good. YES! I receive miracles today.” Days 4,14,24,34

Day Five
Universal Order arranges my life in amazing ways with unlimited abundant results. My mind rests in the prospering reality of boundless love.  GUS’s love is my supply. Repeat out loud 200 times “I have come so that you might have life and so that you may have it abundantly.” (Remember the promise). Days 5,15,25,35

Day Six
The attracting nature of the spirit within brings me an infinite supply of good to me. My good comes in the forms of abundance, health and good relationships. Infinite Mind moves heaven and earth on my behalf. Repeat out loud 200 times “I receive my good now. Everything is better than everything else.”  Days 6,16,26,36

Day Seven
I live in a lavish world. My dwelling place, my work space and my relationship spaces flourish under the influence of Divine Order. All is well. Repeat out loud 200 times “My life is under the steady influence of Divine Order.” 7,17,27,37

Day Eight
Universal Source and Divine Intelligence are stronger than my limited beliefs and more powerful than my upsets.  My vision of abundance is coming to pass. Repeat out loud 200 times “I rely on the extraordinary graciousness of spirit to bring my inner love to full fruition.”  Days 8,18,28,38

Day Nine
The source is with me. I rest in the realization of my Self. Who I Am is all abundant. I am radiantly blessed in all things necessary to live in joy abundance and peace. The windows of heaven open and I am showered with spiritual treasures. Repeat out loud 200 times “Only good comes as a result of my increasing wealth.” Days 9,19,29,39

Day Ten
I have an abundant supply of love, good-will and money. I have an easy relationship with money. Money is my servant and I am life’s servant. Repeat out loud 200 times “My vision of abundance is coming to pass.” Days 10,20,30,40

*The Planetary Commission ©1986.

Paying Bills – Paying is Self-Investment

Some people resent paying bills while others feel anxiety or fear. Since thoughts are either blessings or curses, negative feelings during bill paying curse our money. The negative feelings are money voodoo. Not only do you feel bad while paying the bill, which is uncomfortable enough, but you infuse your transaction with demons of lack (a demon is a strong negative thought).

There are varying degrees of the problem, but whether you feel mildly irritated or wildly out of control while paying bills, you can benefit by turning bill paying into a sacred event.

Make a space for conscious and compassionate bill paying. Reform your thoughts while paying bills and rather than thinking of paying as loosing, think of it as investing. Give thanks for everything you have received from your expenditures and bless all who receive your money. Do not resent the people or companies to whom you pay your bills. They had faith in you that you would pay your bills so they advanced you the good and services.

Consider lighting green candles, playing soft music and infusing your room with aroma therapy oils. You can easily create your own bill paying ritual to reverse the ordinary ritual of unconsciousness or negativity. Write a bill paying prayer or use the follow prayer to start your ritual:

Bill Paying Prayer for Blessing Each Check or Electronic Funds Transfer

I give thanks for all the goods and services I receive.  I bless my check (transaction, eft) and fill it with positive energy and well-being. YES!

If you write a paper check use the following acronym EDICBTMM in the memo line. (Every Dollar I circulate comes back to me multiplied).

An interesting piece of synchronicity occurred while I was writing this. I received a phone solicitation from Discover soliciting credit card money transfers at a low interest rate. Jonathon was brimming with excitement over all the money I could save. “I don’t have any credit card debt.” “What a blessing.” he replied. “Do you have any dental or medical bills you need to pay off?”  “No,” I replied “I have no debt.”  Jonathan, “Oh, what a blessing!” It seemed like he delivered confirmation of the sacredness of bill paying. Even though he did not get a balance transfer, we had our moment, and with smiling faces, we hung up feeling lighter.

And so it came to pass in your life, an abundance of unlimited good things and the wisdom to experience the rich and extraordinary nature of life. SO Be It.

© 2005 Anne Sermons Gillis

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