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Anne's Books
The Living Book | Words Make a Difference | Standing In The Dark | EZosophy | Offbeat Prayers

The Living Book

EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living

The Living Book

Suppose someone told you that you could change your life radically, for the better, if you spent just three minutes a day doing inner work? Would you believe it? Maybe not, but wouldn’t it be worth an investment of three minutes a day to try it?

The Living Book offers just this. Devote three minutes a day to this process and your life will become a living testimony to the seed principle. A tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree, but it must be planted. Plant your daily seed for three short minutes and notice both subtle and miraculous changes in your life.

In addition to the daily practice, one can use the process when they are stumped or afraid or angry. This process transforms anger into love. When we plant seeds of light into our thoughts and emotional bodies, we move into higher frequencies of well-being.

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Kindle Book: $2.99 *

Words Make a Difference

EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living

Words Make a Difference: Affirmations, Visionary Statements, and Revolutionary Ideas for Transforming Ourselves, Our Culture and Our Planet - Finally, a book of affirmations, action plans, and deep insights into the human consciousness that transforms and heals the soul, the local and global community, and the planet. Travel with Gillis on a journey through deep psychology, metaphysics, and nondualism.

We are responsible for a world that works for everyone and as a collective assembly of souls. We cannot rest until greed no longer supersedes need. We are called to plant the seeds of blessing along the path to liberation. Revolutionary words call us to a world-wide renaissance of cooperation and community.

Words Make a Difference

  • Heal the most basic wounds of our human condition.
  • Move beyond narcissism to compassion and justice.
  • Become a Global Boom-Box.

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Standing In The Dark

EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living

Standing in the Dark is a salve for the out-of-control mind. In a high-speed society that forces time to do double-time and stuffs minds with inestimably complex information, we need mental medicine. Popular mind-bending methods encourage us to come up with the highest thoughts, to be positive and powerful, and to live our passion. Yet that which is the highest is beyond what words can touch. One may use thoughts in constructive ways and think higher thoughts, yet one must be aware that the mind plays little tricks on itself to calm itself down. Trickery is okay, but the whole idea of choosing our thoughts and our lives is an intermediary step. Through choice we learn to gain control of our minds and lives, so that at some point we can surrender the mechanism that chooses.


Standing in the Dark explores the deep issues of life, which include relationships, health, money, loss, mission, and making life easier. This is not a positive thinking book. It looks at uncomfortable topics such as losing your best friend or being robbed at gunpoint. It points out that life can be bumpy, even when we live in the flow. You will leap from the practical to the possible, and hopefully land in the mystical.

Standing in the Dark turns ordinary moments into sacred moments and lights the darkest corners of existence. The words hold hands with the human heart and allow the readers to embrace their humanity. This book heals the heart by letting you know it was never really broken, you are fine the way you are, and life itself is as it should be.

Relax. All is well.

Printed Book: $9.95 + shipping

Downloadable PDF E-Book: $2.99 (temporarily discontinued)

Kindle Book: $2.99 *
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EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living

EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living

EZosophy: The Art and Wisdom of Easy or at Least Easier Living is Anne’s latest compilation of her EZosophy teachings. It’s a book for the spiritually-based reader who no longer values the ego driven struggle of contemporary life. EZosophy is a simple philosophy that radically changes lives. The book offers action plans to reverse familiar patterns of suffering and brings home the truth that life is not meant to be a series of to-do lists punctuated by eating and sleeping.

At last, the book we’ve all been waiting for!


Down With Ego Driven Suffering, Stress, and Strain

Do you believe that hardships are the major teaching tools on your path?
Does your ego nail a new list of demands to your forehead every morning?
Do you work to be more enlightened, produce more and put yourself into a double-bind situation more times than your care to remember?

  1. Give up Hard Attacks.
  2. Drop the drama. 
  3. Make your life easier.

What Others Are Saying:

Ease is not indolence; rather, ease is the art of accomplishment without struggle. Although most conscious people understand that life doesn’t have to be a struggle, the “how to” has been missing ... until now. Anne’s book makes it “easy.”
-- T. Harv Eker - Founder of Peak Potentials Training and author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Check out this page about Harv Eker’s book:

“Anne Sermons Gillis is one of the clearest voices for undoing misery. I resonate with EZosophy, applaud and celebrate it. We could all benefit immensely from putting these powerful principles into practice. Read, enjoy, and lighten up.”
-- Alan Cohen, author

“With great insight, humor, and a magical way with words, Anne Sermons Gillis dissolves the illusion of hardship and suffering to reveal what's been there all the time. Divine Ease. It’s the only way to live.”
-- John Randolph Price, bestselling author, Chairman of the Quartus Foundation

“Anne covers the ground of personal transformation with EZ, clarity, and charm. Some books you read, and merely think over. This one clambers into your heart.”
-- Jesse Jennings, D.D., Science of Mind Magazine columnist and minister

“Most people already work way more than enough to get less than what they want. This makes getting more of what they want appear impossible or not worth it. Anne Sermons Gillis points a clear path out of this bind.”
-- Phil Laut, author of Money is My Friend

Printed Book: $15.95
Downloadable PDF E-Book: $2.99 (temporarily discontinued)
Kindle Book: $8.99 *

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Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic

Offbeat Prayers Book Cover

Offbeat Prayers for the Modern Mystic is an expression of offbeat prayer forms, including songs, that help the reader return to the original state of innocence. It draws from personal experiences of the mystical, recovery, and metaphysics. This compilation of prayers synthesizes the human walk with the Divine Mystery.

Click to Read the Book Preview

Printed Book: $15.95

Downloadable PDF E-Book: $2.99 (temporarily discontinued) Kindle Book: $4.99 *

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EZosophy Products

“Split Brain Learning” CDs 

These CDs are designed to work with both sides of the brain. This special effect is called Split Brain Learning. The split brain theory proposes that we have two separate realms of conscious awareness; two sensing, perceiving, thinking, and remembering systems. The left hemisphere controls language, sequential learning, and information storage. It is logical, rational, and linear. The right hemisphere is holistic, creative, thinks in pictures. It is nonlinear. These CDs works with both sides of the brain to expedite a new understanding that will make your life easier. Work with each CD for 31 days or more to experience miraculous changes that make you live easier in the area you have chosen. The CDs are:

EZosophy CD: Easy MoneyEZosophy CD: Easy Money

Security addiction arises when our basic survival needs are threatened. Fear is the predominant emotion for security addiction. Insecurity is an emotional habit that feeds security addiction. We can count on money worry and drama to keep our insecurity going. Fear of not having or being enough is the fuel for the security addict. The security addict does everything he or she can do to assure there will be enough.

The security addict amasses money and things to try to fill the void. No amount of money or things can dissolve the fear. Money drama and money worry are very popular. Our culture thrives on money drama. This means we have an addiction to the chemicals produced in our bodies when we worry about money. In the media, the loss of lives comes second to the threat of economic insecurity. We try to assuage the terrorizing threat of emptiness by sacrificing the lives of our young people in war. War is the economic activity of security addicts. Gee, a sane mind would realize that war is more dangerous than peace, but security addiction really twists perception. At the core, many people feel as if they might lose everything at a moment’s notice. The organizing principle in western culture is money (or the fear that we won’t have money), not love. The turmoil rumbles in our bellies. We become used to or habituated to the stress, money worry, and money drama to ensure a daily dose of rumble. Worry is the feeble attempt of the ego to control. The ego places us in a mental condition of hopelessness and helplessness and then tries to scare us into immobilization. The ego does not want change. Immobilization ensures the ego’s perceived position of safety. This is ridiculous. After all, how safe does it feel in hell?

If you are addicted to worrying, struggling, and suffering about money, regardless of how much you have or do not have, this EZosophy CD can assist you in the process of letting go of the struggle. If you want to give up the drama, copy the following statement of intent or write your own and sign it:

I, __________________________, am willing to give up worrying, emotional turmoil, suffering, and struggle around all areas concerning money and finances. This does not mean I abdicate my responsibility; it means I have gained wisdom and know that money struggle gains nothing. The only gain I can have is when I let go of the struggle. I accept the ideas and principles of easy money. I am at ease when I think of money. Sign and date.

Affirmations are positive statements of higher thoughts. The affirmations on this CD support you in giving up your money drama. You will find them comforting, nurturing, and potent.

EZosophy CD:
Easy Money
Downloadable EZosophy: Easy Money MP3 file & Printable Cards & Affirmations in PDF

EZosophy CD: Easy Times EZosophy CD: Easy Times

Incorporate the principles of EZosophy into your subconscious mind for an easier day-to-day experience of life. Struggle and ease come to our lives through decision making. This process will allow you to decide for ease rather than struggle, so you can live life the way it was meant to be. There is a flow to life. You can go with this flow.

EZosophy CD: EasyTimes
Downloadable EZosophy: Easy Times MP3 file & Printable Affirmations in PDF - $4.99


EZosophy CD: Easy Relationships EZosophy CD: Easy Relationships

Relationship struggle and relationship ease result from the choices we make. This easy relationships process will allow you to decide for easier relationships and allow you to drop much of the struggle, drama, and difficulties which sometimes accompany relationships. Relationships offer us great possibilities. We really learn who we are when we are in relationships. As we learn to love someone fully, beyond their fragilities and mistakes, we learn to love ourselves.

EZosophy CD: Easy Relationships
Downloadable EZosophy: Easy Relationships MP3 file & Printable Affirmations in PDF

EZosophy CD: Easy Body EZosophy CD: Easy Body

Our bodies rely on our thoughts and beliefs for direction. We often believe it hard to take care of our bodies, eat healthy foods, or maintain physical well being. We criticize our tummies and frown at our imperfections. We can make the body relationship easy or hard. Having an easy relationship with our bodies can be easy, fun, and fulfilling.

EZosophy CD:
Easy Body
Downloadable EZosophy: Easy Body MP3 file & Printable Affirmations in PDF - $4.99

Breath of Life CD

Breath of Life CDEZosophy CD: Easy Body

Have you ever wanted to develop a daily breath practice? Pranayama is the art of breathing in a specific patterned breath that allows you to breath energy. The Breath of Life CD guides you through two breathing processes. One process is an effective morning wake up breath with self massage. It gets you going, energizes you, and helps you feel clarity and focus. You will be ready to go after just a few minutes of vigorous breathing. The other breath is a 10 Minute detoxification and calming process. With a few added breathing tips, this CD allows you to develop an effective daily pranayama practice. Enhance your life force with conscious breathing.

Breath of Life CD
Downloadable Breath of Life
in MP3 file format - $7.99

Self Affirming CDs

I AM Affirmations CD

The words we use with “I am’” are powerful. They create our day to day experience of life. This CD offers 24 minutes of uplifting I AM affirmations with a musical background. Enjoy affirmations such as “I am lovable, I am healthy, I am joyful, and I am powerful.” The affirmations are also spoken in the second person so as to experience what it feels to have others affirm your being. These affirmations include such thoughts as, “You are wise, you are generous, you are gentle and you are peaceful.” These are great to listen to as you fall off asleep, as you drive, work or meditate.

I AM Affirmations CD
Downloadable I AM Affirmations MP3 file  - $4.99


I Love You Affirmations CD

I have always wanted a CD that had just one affirmation. What affirmation? “I love you.” Finally it is here. This audio contains 50 minutes of nonstop “I love you” affirmations. It makes you feel good all over. It’s great for relaxation or to bolster self-esteem.

I Love You Affirmations CD
Downloadable I Love You Affirmations MP3 file

Marketing Products

Sacred Sales Affirmations CD (Standard Edition)

S-A-L-E-S: Sacred Attitudes Lifting Each Spirit. Are you in sales? This CD helps get you into the flow of sales. Anne Sermons Gillis speaks briefly on the idea of sacred sales. The talk is followed with sacred sales affirmations. These affirmations help you to find meaning in what you do and to move into the flow of your destined good.

Sacred Sales Affirmations CD (Standard Edition)
Downloadable Sacred Sales Affirmations MP3 file (Standard Edition) - $7.99

Sacred Sales Affirmations CD (Network Marketing Edition)

S-A-L-E-S: Sacred Attitudes Lifting Each Spirit. Are you in sales? This CD helps get you into the flow of sales, particularly geared toward network marketing. Anne Sermons Gillis speaks briefly on the idea of sacred sales. The talk is followed with sacred sales affirmations, including additional affirmation for network marketers. These affirmations help you to find meaning in what you do and to move into the flow of your destined good.

Sacred Sales Affirmations CD (Network Marketing Edition) - $11.99 Downloadable Sacred Sales Affirmations MP3 file (Network Marketing Edition) - $7.99


One Year Seminar

Integrate the EZosophy philosophy into your life-give up the struggle.

  • Become intentional about living the mission-creating a space for EZosophy in your business, personal friendships, and family.

  • Create e-moments in your life-easy energy emerging.

  • Exciting personal assignments to develop your well-being.

  • Free introduction session gives you a flavor of the work and clarifies your desires for the coming year.

  • Includes bi-monthly phone coaching sessions.

  • Call 281-419-1775 to obtain an initial questionnaire and to schedule your free introductory session.

  • Or email me at for more information.

“I had the most growth-filled year of my life. Anne assisted me in turning what could have been a life-limiting transition into a growing experience that will serve me for the rest of my life. After working with Anne for a year, I know I will always be an ambassador of the EZosophy movement. One day I got it. I don’t have to have guilt or shame because I choose to live an easy life and have fun.”
-- Scott Malis, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher, Bellingham, Washington

One Year Seminar (One Payment): $2,400.00

One Year Seminar (Monthly Payment):$210.00

One Month Crisis/Opportunity Package

The crisis package is designed to give you support if you are going through a rough time or if you know you need some intensive mentoring/counseling while going through a change in your life. Perhaps you are getting a divorce, changing careers, or facing a great opportunity.

The crisis package includes:

  • 4 one hour phone coaching sessions.
  • Five minute daily phone contact.
  • Daily e-mail support.
  • Contracts for change
  • Personal growth assignments

Cost $500. You can only use this one time. For further ongoing assistance, you can enroll in The One Year Seminar.

One Month Crisis/Opportunity Package: $500.00

The Easy Disciple DVD

The Easy Disciple DVD: Eliminating Ego Driven Struggle

The Easy Disciple DVD:
Ego Driven Struggle

Two talks by Anne given at Unity Churches. If you don’t know yet that your life can be easier, Anne Sermons Gillis will knock your socks off. A great value at $19.95 now reduced so that everyone can benefit from this powerful information. NOW $9.99 plus $1 for Shipping when shipped alone.

Prosperity Products

Easy Money MP3

This 40 minute interview explores the concepts of ease and money. Eileen Fitzsimmons, an award-winning news reporter, skillfully guides Anne in an in-depth interview about money consciousness. It’s time to let the words “Easy” and “Money” stand side-by-side. Stop suffering about money and open to the larger flow of life.

Downloadable Easy Money MP3 file  - $2.99


Teleseminar MP3 Downloads

The EZ Secret:
Living in Ease

with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 30 minute teleseminar
recorded 1/18/2012

The EZ Secret:
Easy Relationships

with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 23 minute teleseminar
recorded 1/25/2012

The EZ Secret:
Easy Money

with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 40 minute teleseminar
recorded 2/1/2012

The EZ Secret:
Easy Body

with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 50 minute teleseminar
recorded 2/8/2012

Joy Mastery
with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 40 minute teleseminar
recorded 2/15/2012

Do What You Love
with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 36 minute teleseminar
recorded 2/22/2012

Radical Presence
with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 44 minute teleseminar
recorded 2/29/2012

Alive, Awake, Aware
with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 46 minute teleseminar
recorded 3/14/2012

More Living in Ease
with Anne Sermons Gillis
A 39 minute teleseminar
recorded 3/21/2012


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EZ Gadgets

The EZosophy Bracelet
The Official EZosophy Bracelet
Wear this bracelet to help prevent “hard” attacks!

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The EZosophy Button
The Official EZosophy Button
(1-3/4" diam.)

Wear this button to remind yourself to “Take It EZ”!

  EZosophy Button Front   EZosophy Button Back  
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10 Buttons $10.00 plus $1 for Shipping
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