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The One-Year Seminar will help you to:

  • Integrate the EZosophy philosophy into your life—give up the struggle. 
  • Become intentional about living the mission—creating a space for EZosophy in your business, personal friendships, and family. 
  • Create e-moments in your life—easy energy emerging. 
  • Exciting personal assignments to develop your well-being. 
  • Free introduction session gives you a flavor of the work and clarifies your desires for the coming year. 
  • Includes bi-monthly phone coaching sessions. 
  • Call 281-419-1775 to obtain an initial questionnaire and to schedule your free introductory session. 
  • Or email me at for more information. 
“On our Transformational Path we seem to take three steps forward, two back, three forward, one back and so on. When I was stuck in a back step, Synchronicity sent Anne to assist me for one year.  From the very start she tuned in to my needs, to discover what was missing. My coach reminded me of old tools I’d forgotten and offered new ones. Her gentle mentoring helped me to reconnect with the Real Me and continue on my path, livelier than ever. Using Anne EZosophy principle, I'm moving on knowing I don’t have to earn Love but that I AM Love.  Anne is a great coach!!! ”

— Bettina Obernuefemann, Retired Flight Attendant and Author on Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:


“I had the most growth-filled year of my life. Anne assisted me in turning what could have been a life-limiting transition into a growing experience that will serve me for the rest of my life. After working with Anne for a year, I know I will always be an ambassador of the EZosophy movement. One day I got it. I don’t have to have guilt or shame because I choose to live an easy life and have fun.”

— Scott Malis, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher, Kapoho, Hawaii

For more information:
Call Anne Sermons Gillis at
or E-mail her at .

One Year Seminar (One Payment): $2,400

One Year Seminar (Monthly Payment): $210


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